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Christine Hurley

A Natural Born Empath, A Medium - Psychic and Clairvoyant.

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 60 Minutes Reading $100 Donation no taxes Added

30 Minute Reading $60        


TEXT  403 370 4334

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My waiting time is short, the prices shown are inclusive of taxes.

WARNING.   If you go to a psychic web site and the cost is not listed DO NOT TRUST THEM.

Its there way to hook you in. YOU call and they have your info and they will keep contacting you.

DUE TO COVID, I would like to protect myself and protect you of any chance of getting sick,  I PREFER TO DO MY READINGS OVER THE PHONE, also because of Covid we have all learned to do things differently and my guides and angles taught me well,  ALSO I DON'T WANT TO BE ABLE TO WATCH YOUR REACTIONS SO NO CLUES, I DONT WANT TO SEE YOUR AGE GROUP SO NO GUESS WORK FROM ME, I ALSO DONT WANT TO ANY FACIAL EXPRESSIONS, ALL THIS PROVES TO YOU I AM REAL.   

I have moved to Nova Scotia Phone Readings work 

Text for An Appointment    403-370-4334          


These are hard times and the cost of living is shocking I have reduced the costs 

60 minute reading $100 donation NO added Taxes no hidden cost

30 minutes  $60 same as above



Christine's Mission Statement


Christine Hurley is now Christine Henderson, as many people who have come to see Christine do public demonstrations around Calgary, also been on stage with the Calgary Psychic Show on stage in Toronto Regina and Edmonton including Abbortsford.

Having been in an abusive relationship I took the time out to understand "why" i let it happen and "why" I didn't do anything sooner, being of the old fashioned attitude of "making a go of it " for 20 years was enough, I had to restart my life again, but as many know who have been in my shoes, many abusive people do not like it when you need to finish the abuse, so now is the time for me to move to stop the stalking and give myself peace.  Without disrupting anything I have taken my phone numbers to Vancouver Island and will now be working from there with my new husband.  My ethic's have not changed I am and will always be here to help you guide you and direct you to your best life, only now on the phone.

Christine says " I know I have been on stage in front of thousands of people doing 2 hour shows,  I have had a TV show been interviewed on the news and on the  radio and traveled across Canada,   I also record the session to a CD so my clients know every word I have said no hidden costs taxes included transparency and being authentic  is very important to me,   I want to be reachable to help heal and help people move  forward in life,  



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