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From My Clients

Sun 2020-06-21 9:52 AM
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Hi Christine, 
I just wanted to thank you for the reading you gave me yesterday. Oddly enough, right after everything ended, I felt really drained or exceptionally tired. So tired that I had to stop and take a quick nap. After I woke up, I started to think about the reading and looked over the notes that I made during it. What didn't seem to make sense at first or wasn't clear to me started to come together after thinking about the people in my life and you really hit on a lot of things. Even the ex that you mentioned, that was someone whom I wasn't thinking of at first, but I was with someone for several years who was penniless and treated women poorly. As for talking to a child when it came to arguments? Yeah, he would call me names and make everything my fault. I was really a mother to this person. This was the same misogynistic guy who stole money from me to support his drug habits and couldn't keep a job to save his life. To this date I believe he is not working and is living in the basement of his girlfriend's house. I was always angry at him but this was also the greatest lesson for myself. I took this to be a challenge to push myself to be independent, a stronger fighter and not let anyone put their shoes on my back ever again. 
You had touched on the 2 topics that I was most curious about and that really floored me. It confirmed what I had been thinking since last year that I needed to look after myself financially, find my own footing so to speak, before finding love. Even if you told me that I would never be with anyone I would have only wanted to hear what you said which was " things will get better" . This would at least give me hope that after all of this darkness I would truly find light. And I really thank you for that, Christine. You are an amazing person!



From Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2019 23:11:43 -0800
Subject: my reading today

Thank you so much for a fabulous reading, absolutely amazing.
Tania and I love you very much.
Your look beautiful on your website.
God bless you,

Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2019 19:17:04 -0600
I recently talked to you Christine and I just wanted to say you were right,
my father has also passed. My brother and I are completely torn up about it.
I'd really like to thank you for our conversation and thank you for preparing me for what's to come.
I may have to have another session with you for my brother,
could really use a couple words from our passed father.
before he passed he told me his dad died or
someone close and they weren't found for 3 weeks in their house..
He though it was the saddest thing ever and never wanted that to happen to him..
I felt something was wrong but it wasn't till I talked to you that I knew for sure.
And I got my grandma's number ( which I never call
) and asked her to go to his house...
His brother was already begging her cause he had a feeling too,
but she never made anything happen till I called her and we got him out of there within a couple days as he would've wished.
Thank you again Christine

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From GiGi
From: a nice lady 
Subject: Many thanks
Date: Sun, 9 Oct 2019 14:19:05 -0500
Hi Christine,

I felt I needed to thank you for the amount of help and support you've given me.
This was my first session I have ever done and I feel at peace after having talked with you.
I had gone through a week of turmoil due to finally having taken the time to grieve
for all of the loved ones I had lost at a young age, and I had also for the first time
in my life taken the time to question and contemplate the concept of death.
My talk with you over the phone was a complete eye opener,
even though I was a little anxious at first.
I feel that a large weight has been lifted off my chest
and that my grandparents that had passed on know that I love them and miss them every day. 

I was very surprised with the amount of information you gave me,
especially when you mentioned that my babcia 'grandmother' had brought this little dog,
the way you described the dog was totally what 'Fluffy' used to do and I was stunned to hear this over the phone.
He was very dear to my grandparents and my parents and I had continued to care for him,
even after my djadja's passing. Losing my dog was also a very difficult process I had to go through.
The information you gave me just came out throughout the call and it made sense,
although I have to say I'll have to look into this aunt figure you mentioned and ask my parents; 
I feel that this is important. It was also comforting to know that my grandparents were pain-free and much happier.
The way you described, for example, my grandfather's health troubles, was very accurate.

I feel like I came away with the session feeling both at peace and that now I feel like my questions have been answered.
I also am amazed with the information you gave me
pertaining to what I was planning on doing in the next couple of years and I am definitely looking into school again 
and can't wait to receive my recording so I can go through those steps you gave me career-wise. 
You are right, my job is great but it isn't quite where the heart is and specifically what makes me happy.
You were dead on about my boyfriend who's family is a line of teachers (his mother and older sister are currently teaching),
and also about my own abilities and skills.
I feel like I have a lot to look forward to and a lot still to do,
and that I can be much happier now.

Your session with me today meant the world to me,


P.S.: I will definitely give your card to my mum.

From: lorie
Subject: Thank you...lots of love to you!
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2018 20:05:46 -0600
Thank you so much for the time you spent on the phone with me last week. 
I wanted you to know that I have made many connections within our discussion that I didn't quite get at first.
I have lost all of the people that you referred to.
Two grandfathers, one of which I was very close to at his passing,
spending much time with him during the months that he was very ill with lung cancer...
which eventually passed through his body.
He loved the sound of my singing voice and I sang for him often. Before he died he asked me to sing "amazing grace" at his funeral.
I was by his bedside the last night of his death. I sang "amazing grace" to him over and over
, throughout the night, bringing him much comfort I am assured.
I have lost two grandmother' mother's mother and my current partner's mother.
I was also by her bedside the day of her passing.
She was very good to me and made particular concessions to her belief system when her grandson and I were living togeter 
(and not married of course which is proper)...she would complain about all the other grandchildren who would do such a horrid thing,
but with me she always accepted our choice. She was very good to me and I have very fond memories of her.
My partner's father did pass away, just not my current partner, but my-expartner and father to my four children. 
I was with my father-in-law close by as well the day of this death. 
I had a special connection with him and missed him dearly when he was gone.
And of course my best childhood friend, Dawnly, who took her life when we were only in our early twentie's. 
I am so glad that you felt her presence. 
Her death impacted my life choices and allowed me to be even more committed to walking a good path.
I am still connected with her mother and I feel close to her daughter when I spend time with her.
My cats....which is ridiculously funny...cause dam I had cats when I was younger and in my early twenty's I always had a feline friend in my home :) LOL 
Apples....there is a beautiful picture on my mom's piano of my grandfather picking his apples from his tree,
while he was still feeling healthy and the cancer was not diagnosed.
I now have a beautiful mature apple tree,
and for the first time since we've lived in this home for the past three years,
this year it has bloomed these huge beautiful apples.
I sit in my backyard and gaze at them nearly daily.
With my children...I was also tickled...the words "stop nagging" resonating ring through my mind and put a smile on my are bang on with that one
. I wanted you to know that you affirmed in me things I all ready knew, 
and you spoke my soul's desire.
I know I am on a good path and doing exactly what I need to be doing in my life at this exact moment
. It tickles me that you think you see a move to British Columbia in our future
...we have spoken of it often and the mountains literally call to my soul...I know I will be there one day. 
I had a dream awhile back that I was going up to the mountains to go to some kind of conference or gathering for "gifted" people.
In the dream, a group of us were getting out of a bus. 
We were at the top of a beautiful mountain and I could see the powerful mountains down below and all around me. 
I spoke to a healer there who was greeting the arrivals.
She was directing people here and there and deciding which area they would go to for study and reflection
. In the dream, this wise old lovely woman looked at me and said "
Now You! You come with me, you are very powerful!".
In the dream, my sense from her was that she could see through to my core,
to my soul, and she acknowledged my true heart's intentions and desires.
She also saw that I was "gifted" to some capacity, 
of which I am still not sure of what this could mean.
It was such a good dream and I awoke with the feeling of purpose and felt sweet guidance being provided to me.
I look forward to meeting our son. I knew we would have a child but just wasn't too sure it would be a boy or a girl.
It essence, what I wanted to say again is thank you ever so much.
May light and love guide your path.
I wanted to acknowledge that you gift is powerful and that you are most graciously sharing it with the world. 
I truly look forward to connecting again sometime in the future and perhaps our paths will even cross one day.
Many blessings to you Ms. Christine Hurley. You light shines bright and true!
With much love, Lori.

Date: Sun, 22 May 2019 23:53:27 -0600
From: lori.
Hi Christine!!
I met you in Weyburn, Sask.June20016. You have changed my life and I want to say thankyou so much.
I have lost 75 pounds, feel great, eat healthier and am trying to make exercise a habit
My ex-husband no longer gets under my skin every time I see him. And I have started dating again.
When are you returning to Sask.?? I would love to talk to you again.
When you told me that every time I think of a loved one who has passed over, that person is here with me visiting from heaven, it has made me so happy.
Please know that you make a difference!


From: vanessa PRIVATE
Sent:April-20-17 11:00:44 AM
Thank you for the reading today, I feel really good about it. I will contact Correen and deal with all those emotions I have. Thank you again.


Tears to my eyes


Subject: Readings
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2016 15:38:22 -0600

Hi Christine,
I wanted to send you a email,to let you know and perhaps future clients.
You did a reading for me in Jan and another for me in Mar of 2013. I came to you as I had just recently lost my father, and needed reassurance &,peace. You not only gave me that you gave me a very spiritual reading.,The reading gave me the comfort and you were so bang on with so many ny things .
So I thought let”s see how good she is so I contacted you again in Mar . Again I was struggling with my fathers passing, again you have given me so much to cherish of memories, you  also told me things that was going to happen in the near future to do with my father’s passing and it too came true.
When I contacted you to do a reading for me, I didn’t realize it was going to be over the phone, I thought ,well I will try her .  i HAVE HAD USED ANOTHER MEDIUM IN CALGARY AND ALL I CAN SAY IS...... CHRISTINE YOU ARE NOW MY FAVOURITE MEDIUM AND WILL  BE ON MY SPEED DIAL. I HAVE AND WILL KEEP RECOMMENDING YOU, .

Subject: Re: Readings
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2016 19:01:54 -0600

Hi Christine,
I did read up on you after my second reading and had to sit back and re look at my readings and thought you know, you hit my personality to a tea.  and you kept stressing that in my reading that my dad wanted to see the little girl,that laughed all the time.etc.,then Ia few other things you had said were so right on,.How could I not believe in you.